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Top 10 Highest Olympics Gold Medal Winning Countries

The Olympic is an international event.  The Olympic Games are sports, in which thousands of Athletes across the world participate in variety of competitions. The Olympic Games have recognized as the world’s most popular Games competitions. Three types of medals are given to the winners. These are Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. That are given to the players according to their position which they attained. The first position holder gets the Gold medal, second  the silver medal and third bronze medal. Now we are sharing with you the list of those top ten countries those have acquired most Gold Medals in the history of Olympic Games.

Olympic Games Pic

1). United States:

United States of America

It is the top scorer gold medalist country its national game is basketball and it proves in Olympics and unbeatable in the event and has won  most gold medals are received by it 929.

2). United Kingdom:


It is 2nd in position of gold medalists. It is a country which contributes almost in every game it has most participants than any other country it has 189 gold medals till now.

3). France:

Olympier France

It has 3rd position. It got 191 gold medals till now it is famous in curling baiting and man’s sprint.

4). Italy:

Beautiful Italy Flag

It is the 4th in position. And it has won 190 gold medals it is famous in alpine skiing and swimming.

5). Hungary:

Bright Hungary Flag

It has won 156 medals and it come on 5th in order.

6). Germany:

Great Germany Flag

It has won 147 medals but its team could not be united because of division after world war its medals are divided in east and West Germany.

7). Sweden:

Beautiful Sweden Flag

It is famous in swimming and wrestling and it won 142 medals in Olympics.

8). Australia:

Beautiful Australia Flag

It has good participant in basket ball and hockey and it won 117 medals.

9). Japan:

Beautiful Japan Flag

It won 114 medals it is known as a fair player in event.

10). China:

Great China Flag

In the world it came on the 10th rank and it won 112 medals. It is improving in the event.

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