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10 Most Popular Soft Drinks In The World

Soft drinks are usually liked by people in the world. Soft drinks are the non-alcoholic drinks.  Soft drinks are to fill our thirst to quenches it. There are lots of sodas available in the world, which is liked by different people according to their taste and likeness. Soft drinks are liked by mostly every time when people eat with lunch, with fast food and snack time etc. Soft drinks are non-alcoholic soft drinks comprise of water with flavor and sweetener  which could be sugar and fructose syrup. There are varieties of soft drinks available in the market, I have made a list of 10 most popular soft drinks in the world also known as popular types of soft drinks. You guys really happy and enjoy while read about them. These are:

Most Refreshing Soft Drinks In The World


1. Coca Cola

Chill Coca Cola

It has been in the business since 1886 but has still managed to be at its top, despite of the newest and cheapest sodas, which are now populating in the market. Its biggest contender Pepsi in 1980’s has grabbed. They are now serving 200 countries globally, which is an evident mark that it truly holds the number one spot among all other sodas available in the market. They have nine flavors from the basic Cola down to Cola Raspberry. The original design of the first soda concept is an inspired creation of Earl R. Dean in 1915, and later on was redesigned and has been added of some twists due to the level of competition in the market.

2. 7-Up

Cool 7-UpIt is lemon lime flavored non-caffeinated soft drink that has been included in the list of ten soft drinks. This soft drink is famous for its quality of never suffocating its drinkers with too much fizzy taste. Level of freshness offered by Chilled 7 Up is not there in any soft drink. Due to this advantage it is ahead from sprite.

3. Sprite

Lemon SpriteSprite is also at the list, because people like to drink Sprite after meal and many times. They use to serve it to their friends with Sprite. It is colorless like water but it is made lemon and lime, which is a caffeine free soft drink being produced by the Coca-Cola Company. It was originally introduced in the United States in 1961 before it reached to other nations across the globe. While 7-up is at its peak during that time, it became the great contender for translucent soda, which is still at its competition these days.

4. Fanta

Chil FantaFanta is included in the list of soft drinks that are most favorite to the consumers around the world. Its consumers are more than 6 crores for each day. It has unique taste and not very sweet. This is the main reason of its liking for the people.

5. Dr. Pepper

Energetic Dr PepperDr. Pepper has unique taste and enjoyed very much in all over the world. When it comes to the discussion of top ten soft drinks, Dr. Pepper comes in the list of most favorite soft drinks. Dr. Pepper is one of the most consumed soft drinks. Around 1 million cans of Dr. Pepper are consumed each day. This soft drink has captured taste buds of lots of people with its unique taste. Dr Pepper is made with a superb blend of 23 flavors. It comes with dark red wrapper and white labels around it.

6. Cherry Coke

Soft Cherry CokeIt is cherry flavored version of Coca-Cola. This unique drink is available in normal as well as diet version. Even some people blame Cherry Coke for too much sugar and caffeine content, it is well tasted and one of the ten soft drinks.

7. Mountain Dew

Do it With Mountain DewThere are more than half million consumers of Mountain Dew each day around the world. This soft drink is also used in the routine days and on special events to serve the guests. Some people find it too sweet and sometimes it seems to be caffeinated. It gives a boost of energy.

8. Sunkist

Chilled Orange SunkistSunkist is orange soda and comes in the list of commonly used and most favorite soft drinks. Some diet conscious people very much like this soft drink because it is not too sweet.

9. Squirt

Cool SquirtIt contains carbonated water, concentrated grapefruit juices, brominated vegetable oils, citric acid, natural flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and glycerol ester of wood rosin. This was introduced in the market in 1938 by Herb Bishop who formulated and created this soda. He started by doing some experiments in some citrus drink. Later on, just like other soft drinks, it underwent reformulation until at its current ingredients. Now it has come in the list of most soft drinks.

10. Gatorade

Amazing GatoradeIt is one of the top most soft drinks around the world. Gatorade is consumed by more than 966,900,000 people each day.

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