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10 World’s Richest Sportsman Of The World

Athletes are the sign of pride for their country. Athletes are peculiar individuals who have strengths in specific areas in sports where the strong passion to compete and win are their booster and confidence.  Especially when we talk about the athletes of top category, winning in different competitions is their target to achieve it. But on the other and they are also earned lot of money as well as respect and honor. And a question always storm in the mind that who are the richest people in the world?  The more victorious a player the more richest he himself and full of fame. These are known as richest men or sportsman of the world.  Richest sportsmen of the world not only rich through wealth they have but they rich as a sign of honor for their countries. I have collected the list of 10 richest sportsman of the world who are known for their performance as well as for their wealth. These are the richest sportsman of the world in 2011. you guys will be amazed to know about these athletes particularly famous as a richest sportsman of the world. These are:

1.   Tiger Woods 

Sports: Golf Best Golfer Tiger Woods

Annual Income: $100 Million

Still in his early thirties, Tiger Woods made nearly $23 million on the golf course and brought in a whopping $105 million in endorsements giving him a total of $127,902,706 and the No. 1 ranking for the fifth straight year as richest athlete. He might lost that title this year, rumored after his adultery scandal was spread some sponsors are breaked up with him.


2.   Phil Mickelson 

Sports: Golf Nice Phil Mickelson

Annual Income: $62 Million

It’s not entirely surprising that golf’s probable No. 2 best player would appear on this list but it’s surprising that he’s landed at No. 2 overall with $9.3 million in winnings and a staggering $53 million in endorsements giving him a total of $62,373,685.


3.   Roger Federer

Sports: Tennis Great Roger Federer

Annual Income: $61.7 Million

A consistent ATP number one position holder for 237 consecutive weeks who brag his spot up to be declared as the richest athlete in the world for 2011, beating Beckham who had this spot last year. He has earned $61.7 million this year’s Forbes rating result.


4.   David Beckham 

Sports: Soccer Awsome David Beckham

Annual Income: $45 Million

Becks invaded America in 2008 greeted by much fanfare and a high contracts, but injuries kept him off the pitch for most of the MLS season. The bulk of Beckham’s income is derived from sponsors like Adidas , Motorola and PepsiCo. Now he is on loan to AC Milan to ensured a place in England team for 2010 World Cup.


5.   Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports: Soccer Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo

Annual Income: $40 Million

He is the most expensive player when it comes to Football where he plays as a striker or winger at Spanish La Liga Club Real Madrid. He had served as a captain of Portuguese National Team. Imagine that he is being paid €1 billion as part of his contract for buyout clause that made him the fourth wealthiest athlete in the world with current income of $40 million.


6.   LeBron James 

Sports: NBA Strong LeBron James

Annual Income: $40 Million

A serious business entrepreneur off the basketball court, LeBron James’ salary was $12,455,000 and he raked in another $28 million in endorsements and is among the list of richest athletes with a combined total of $40,455,000


7.   Lionel Messi 

Sports: Soccer Fantastic Lionel Messi

Annual Income: $39 Million

This 2009 FIFA World Player only playing for one team for his entire career, Barcelona. He is still 22-year-old, and we’ll see if he could win the 2010 FIFA World Cup with Argentina than how much raise will he get?


8.   Valentino Rossi 

Sports: MotoGP Racing Champion Valentino Rossi

Annual Income: $35 Million

Rossi clears around $35 million a year. That includes team salary from Yamaha and all endorsements, mostly from Fiat and AGV helmet. He also won 2009 MotoGP world title and rumored gonna move to F1 when he finished his contract. There are supposed to be Oscar De La Hoya and Michael Schumacher on that list, but because they’re both retired from the field I decided not to include both of them, although Schumacher gonna be back to behind the wheel this year.


9.   Raphael Nadal

Sports: Tennis Great Raphael Nadal

Annual Income: $27 Million

He is once known as the World’s number 1 tennis player and got the second spot for the same title. Hence, he bagged the ninth spot this time that Forbes released this year where he had gained $27 million aside from the recognition that he earned in this field.


10. Lewis Hamilton

Sports: Car Racing Car Faster Lewis Hamilton

Annual Income: $26 Million

He is a British Formula One racing driver who was raised in Stevenage, Hertforshire on January 07, 1985, who has earned a total Annual Income of $26 million. He is just 25 years old but he actually accumulated enough possessions where he could simply stop driving and drive a different path.

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