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Top 10 World’s Tallest Woman Ever

You have seen huge tall buildings in the world. The tallest malls are amusing the people daily. Height of a thing is most important for its success. Like the height of profit etc. men usually prefer tall women and also the women like tall men. Because height has important role in the beauty of a person, but the excess of every thing is not good. I have made a list of 10 top world’s tallest woman. These are the tallest woman have extra legs and length. Their height is become the reason of their fame around the world.

1. Yao Defen

Height: 7ft 8in – 233 cm

Country: China

The Tallest Woman China2. Sandy Allen

Height: 7ft 7¼in – 232 cm

Country: Chicago, USA

Tallest Living Women3. Mlgorzata Dydek

Height: 7ft 2in – 218 cm

Country: Poland

Tallest Woman4. Zainab Bibi

Height: 7ft 2in – 218 cm

Country: Pakistan

Top Tallest Women in the world5. Uljana Semjonova

Height: 7ft – 213 cm

Country: Latvia

Tallest Women Of The World6. Gitika Srivastava

Height: 6ft 11in – 211 cm

Country: India

Tallest Women In The World7. Malee Duangdee

Height: 6ft 10in – 208 cm

Country: Thailand

World Tallest Women8. Caroline Welz

Height: 6ft 9in – 206 cm

Country: Germany

Tallest Model9. Rita Miniva Besa

Height: 6ft 8in -203 cm

Country: Zambia

Tallest Person10. Heather Greene

Height: 6ft 5½in – 196 cm

Country: Holland

The Tallest Women

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